Friday, December 8, 2017

North Pine Trees and Turtle Haven 12/8/17

Three weeks away and I find the water a lot colder than when I left.   78 degrees on peoples' computers that actually record accurate temps.  (Mine doesn't. It reads temps about 2 degrees warmer than they are and I had 79 degrees, so I'm going with 77.)  Ditching the 5/4 wetsuit for the full 5 and wishing I'd brought the 7 mil from California.

The Red frogfish was a treasure find on the first dive.  But, I hadn't checked my camera to confirm that auto focus was operational, and it wasn't.  So I used the Gopro for this shot.  Would love to come back with the macro and a camera that works.

Here's a really nice, healthy Antler Coralhead.  A diver is inspecting its interior for critters.  It's not uncommon to see Red Spotted Crabs, Blackside Hawkfishes, Dascyllus, Tangs, and, more rarely, Harlequin Shrimp.

Did I mention it was cold?

Then on to Turtle Haven.  No turtles but there was a Lined Butterfly couple, a great Zebra Moray and a nice, fat Yellow Margin Eel.  Camera was working on this dive, after I'd taken off the port and reset the AF toggle on the lens.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Somewhere in Kona and Rabbis 11/14/17

Fire Dart!  There were two of them, but the only shot in focus was of just one.
Did find an Octopus hiding in a hole.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Touch of Grey and Kua Bay 11/13/17

Long range charter with Kona Honu Divers.  Touch of Grey and Kua Bay.  Just west of the mooring at TOG there is a drop off and down the wall are lots of wire corals and black coral.  Here's some black coral.

Black lip Butterfly

Blackside Hawkfish

Chocolate dip Chromis

Dascyllus and antler coral

Eight line Wrasses
Just at the bottom of the wall west of the mooring at TOG we found this fairly large female Whitley's Boxfish.

Four spot butterfly
 On the way back to the mooring from the arch we found these three Pustulose nudis.

Rought spined Urchin


Spotted Toby

Tiger Cowry

what is it?

 Here is one of the many Wire coral Gobies uder the arch at TOG.  These are tough to get with the 105mm macro in surge at 70 fsw, but when you capture it, its great.

 This Yellow margin Eel had a cleaner shrimp on his right side, but turned so that he was occluded.  I waited a bit but he never came back out.
 This is a Yellow Tail Coris transitioning from juvenile to adult.  You can see the adult coloration at the tail, but the juvenile white patches remain.  There was another one of these but she was more shy.

Orange spine Unicorn

Another Rough Spine Urchin, this time at kua Bay.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Puako house 40

As I came upon the cleaning station just seaward from the big arch at Puako House 40 I looked expectantly around for what I'd come for: a bunch of turtles being cleaned by a variety of different tangs/surgeons.  Well, there were a lot fo turtles, maybe 5 of them, and most of them were just resting on the coral bottom.  No yellow fish and turtles for today.

I did find a few swimming around near the big arch, but I guess they were not crusty enough to pique the interest of the multitude of fish in the area.  Puako is a very fishy area, with Tangs, Surgeons, Spotfin Squirrils, Butterflies, a variety of Wrasses and plenty different kinds of maninis.  Here are a few of my honu shots from today.

 As for fish, here's what I got.

Bird Wrasse

Crown of Thorns star feeding on coral

4 Spot butterflies

Lei Trigger

Black Longnose Butterfly

Racoon butterfly

Ringtail Wrasse