Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drudgery of Drills

Today Anne and I tested out some new gear in a short pool dive. Anne was getting familiar with her new BC while I had decided to clip things off differently and wanted to test my new camera rig. Here's a shot of her at the bottom of the pool.

In view of the fact that we're going to be each other's buddy for up to half a dozen dives this weekend we also decided to do some S-drills. These are not easy or fun with short hoses, as my DIR friends are fond of telling me. But we did them, all with my camera and strobe clipped off to their assigned D-Ring. I felt better at least.

The thing about getting out of the water late on a winter afternoon is that you want to try to get your gear off and cleaned up before it gets too cold and your hands freeze off just from pulling things out of the rinse tank.

The other good thing about doing drills and checking things out in the pool after a few weeks away from the water is that you do get a little rusty and it's worth sharpening up especially if you have new gear or new ways of doing things.

Now all that's left to do is get my tanks filled tomorrow, pack up my gear and then actually get up at 4:45 Saturday morning. I wish there was a drill that made that easier.

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