Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kaloko Canyons and Eel Cove 7_20

Above, banded coral shrimp, below pustulosa nudibranch.

Above, bluestripe snappers under an arch at Kaloko, below a couple of shots of a Devil Scorpion at Eel Cove

Above a Gold Lace Nudibranch at Eel Cove and below, Pink Tail Trigger at Kaloko

Above a Fisher's Star, below Leaf Scorpion at Eel Cove

Above, Lizard fish at Eel Cove, below also at Eel Cove, small patch of rice coral

Octopus at Kaloko canyons

Eel Cove, Peacock Grouper and Racoon feeding on Manini eggs

A couple of curious white spot tobys
Eel Cove Stocky Hawkfish
Yellow tang, and Orange Mouth Lizard, Eel Cove

Above, Bluespine Unicorn and below, Varicosa nudi

Above Orange Spine Surgeon and below, Spotted Boxfish

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