Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hoovers and Wackys 1/25/18

Hoovers never fails to amaze with day mantas and so many others exotic critters.  Here is the video of our Manta, Kai-Zed. Kai-Zed with divers Sarah Bergeson and Tim Ugalde. 

We hung around the mooring with Kai-zed for a while, and actually ended up never leaving the immediate area because there are so many pinnacles, canyons, walls and critters to see.  Here are a few of the smaller ones we found, including a Trembling nudi and a Bubbleshell (good eyes, Sarah!)
Banded Coral Shrimp

Bubble shell

Goldlace nudi

Juvenile Yellowtail Coris

Lei Trigger
These octopuses were very romantically inclined, though I couldn't show both of them together because I was using the 105mm narrow field of view lens.  Did get a video of them. Octopus love

Female Psychedelic Wrasses

Close detail in rough spined urchin

Varicosa Nudi

Trembling nudi

Urchin emoticon

White spotted Toby
Red stripe pipefish

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