Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dotties reef and Bodyglove Pawai

Above: Black Longnose Butterfly, below, Blackside Hawkfish
Linckia Multifora seastar, seeing a lot of these recently.
Very rare Transverse coral, I've only seen it at Dotties Reef.
Dragon Wrasse!
Reefscape with a small eel poking its head out.
Gold Lace nudi #1
Multiband Butterfly
Male Belted Wrasse
Gold lace nudi #2

Becca's Octopus, except she didn't see it.

Juvenile Psychedelic Wrasse!

Stocky Hawkfish, Dotties
Tarasaurus in the wild
Two Lizardfish in camo
Wire coral with a wire coral gobie

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