Thursday, June 8, 2017

Outhouse and Lonetree Arch, Kona

 Above: Rare Speckled Butterfly, at Outhouse. Below, that's an Arc Eye Hawkfish.
Yellow Tail Coris sez Hi! At Lonetree.
 Cup coral on the roof at Lonetree Arch.

 Frog fish at Outhouse, right under the mooring.
 Gold ring Surgeon
 Moorish Idol
 Very tiny nudi, not one I can id.

I found two of these at Outhouse, don't know what it is.

 Snappers under the Lonetree Arch
 Surgeon fish is named for the sharp knife-barbs on the tail.  See how you could get cut?
Adult rockmover wrasse.
 Worms, don't know the names.
 Ringtail Wrasse
 Yellow tail coris, Lonetree

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