Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Black Hole and Lonetree 10/30/17

 I'm on a roll with Whitley's Boxfishes these days.  Found two females at Black Hole just now, a male at Hoovers last week, and another female at Wacky's just two moorings down from Hoovers.  Maybe they'll find each other and make more Whitleys.

Black hole has been on my list of spots to get to for a while now, but recently the mooring has been missing, until last week when Malama Kai replaced it.  Now everyone wants on it.  We had to wait while KDC was on it for their early 3 tank charter, then Jack's was angling for it when KDC left, but we (Kona Honu) were ahead of them in line.

Deep mooring like Touch of Grey, and a fairly deep dive overall.  The lava tube is just west of the mooring: a hole in the lava bottom that goes straight down for about 5 or 6 meters, then bends southwest for a short run after which you pop out into a little grotto, probably a collapsed part of the tube, and can move back up the wall to the top of the reef.

So many dead cauliflower corals - didn't see one live one - but the antler corals were mostly healthy and full of dascyllus and tangs, and also Whitley's boxfishes meandering around the bottoms.

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