Friday, December 29, 2017

High Rock and Kaloko 12/28/17

Last time I was at High Rock the current was so bad a bunch of us ended up drifting most all the way to Dotties before we could get picked up by the boat.

This time it was calm and we went hunting for wire coral gobies and shrimp.  Did end up finally finding a nice gobie, along with a few other cool fish.

Later, at Kaloko we found a big Commerson's Frog fish and a Psychedelic Wrasse and family.  Below is a juvenile Blackside Hawkfish.  Much different coloration than the adult.

Shy Octopus peeking out at me.

Here's the Psychedelic.  I had to chase him around to get this and he had abandoned his females.
I hear this White Tip Soldier is a little rare for these waters.

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