Friday, December 8, 2017

North Pine Trees and Turtle Haven 12/8/17

Three weeks away and I find the water a lot colder than when I left.   78 degrees on peoples' computers that actually record accurate temps.  (Mine doesn't. It reads temps about 2 degrees warmer than they are and I had 79 degrees, so I'm going with 77.)  Ditching the 5/4 wetsuit for the full 5 and wishing I'd brought the 7 mil from California.

The Red frogfish was a treasure find on the first dive.  But, I hadn't checked my camera to confirm that auto focus was operational, and it wasn't.  So I used the Gopro for this shot.  Would love to come back with the macro and a camera that works.

Here's a really nice, healthy Antler Coralhead.  A diver is inspecting its interior for critters.  It's not uncommon to see Red Spotted Crabs, Blackside Hawkfishes, Dascyllus, Tangs, and, more rarely, Harlequin Shrimp.

Did I mention it was cold?

Then on to Turtle Haven.  No turtles but there was a Lined Butterfly couple, a great Zebra Moray and a nice, fat Yellow Margin Eel.  Camera was working on this dive, after I'd taken off the port and reset the AF toggle on the lens.

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