Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Aquarium and Eel Cove 11/8/17

"If you'se a viper"- anyone remember that jazz song?  Almost 100 years ago, so probably not on many peoples' iTunes these days.  Here's an update from Eel Cove, Kona. A nice fat Viper Moray for you.
Dramatic huh? The song was good too.  Here are some more pics from today.

 Rockmover Wrasse and a Subadult below.

Dascyllus in a coralhead.

Hawaiian Lionfish

Male Spotted boxfish

Moorish Idols

Pustulose nudi

Reef Lizard


Tiny White Margin nudi

Violet gilled nudibranch

Flowery Flounder

Katrina found this under a rock.  Whatizit?


Hans said...

Hi Jeff, I saw that turtle dropping in on you. Great photo! I saw the spotted eel and some of your other great shots live that day as well.
Thanks for the wonderful photos.
Jill Hansen
Please tell Lynne - "hello"

Hans said...

I also have a shot of you boarding the boat that day. Let me know where to send it if you'd like a copy.
Jill Hansen

Jeff Dooley said...

Hey Jill, great to hear from you and I hope to see you guys again before you leave. Would love a photo! J