Sunday, November 12, 2017

Puako house 40

As I came upon the cleaning station just seaward from the big arch at Puako House 40 I looked expectantly around for what I'd come for: a bunch of turtles being cleaned by a variety of different tangs/surgeons.  Well, there were a lot fo turtles, maybe 5 of them, and most of them were just resting on the coral bottom.  No yellow fish and turtles for today.

I did find a few swimming around near the big arch, but I guess they were not crusty enough to pique the interest of the multitude of fish in the area.  Puako is a very fishy area, with Tangs, Surgeons, Spotfin Squirrils, Butterflies, a variety of Wrasses and plenty different kinds of maninis.  Here are a few of my honu shots from today.

 As for fish, here's what I got.

Bird Wrasse

Crown of Thorns star feeding on coral

4 Spot butterflies

Lei Trigger

Black Longnose Butterfly

Racoon butterfly

Ringtail Wrasse

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