Monday, November 13, 2017

Touch of Grey and Kua Bay 11/13/17

Long range charter with Kona Honu Divers.  Touch of Grey and Kua Bay.  Just west of the mooring at TOG there is a drop off and down the wall are lots of wire corals and black coral.  Here's some black coral.

Black lip Butterfly

Blackside Hawkfish

Chocolate dip Chromis

Dascyllus and antler coral

Eight line Wrasses
Just at the bottom of the wall west of the mooring at TOG we found this fairly large female Whitley's Boxfish.

Four spot butterfly
 On the way back to the mooring from the arch we found these three Pustulose nudis.

Rought spined Urchin


Spotted Toby

Tiger Cowry

what is it?

 Here is one of the many Wire coral Gobies uder the arch at TOG.  These are tough to get with the 105mm macro in surge at 70 fsw, but when you capture it, its great.

 This Yellow margin Eel had a cleaner shrimp on his right side, but turned so that he was occluded.  I waited a bit but he never came back out.
 This is a Yellow Tail Coris transitioning from juvenile to adult.  You can see the adult coloration at the tail, but the juvenile white patches remain.  There was another one of these but she was more shy.

Orange spine Unicorn

Another Rough Spine Urchin, this time at kua Bay.

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