Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rabbi Reef and Kaloko Canyons 11/2/17

New experiences are good. Especially good when they come in the form of first visits to dive sites.  This week has been good:  Monday it was Black Hole, a fairly deep dive with a tight lava tube swimthrough.

Today's new-to-me site was Rabbi Reef. Just north of Dotties in north pine trees area.  Nudibranchs were out today, pustlose and varicosa.

Rabbi's also has a lot of interesting structure, arches, and topography.  Walls are everywhere here, and wire coral.  No gobies today but did chase a wire coral shrimp around the cylinder, he was shy so I only got a rear shot of him. I blame surge, which is my usual excuse.

On to Kaloko Canyons, one of my favorite spots because it's like a maze of collapsed lava tubes.  I tried to keep up with the headings as we zigged around the canyons. Still amazed that the DMs can get us back at the boats after wandering this labyrinth.  Here's what we found:

Arceye Hawkfish in a crack

Bloody hermit crab

Nice, big Reticulated Cowry

Hawaiian swimming crab

Juvenile Male spotted boxfish

Mature male spotted boxfish
Linckia Star

Peacock Grouper head

Sailfin Tang
I think the Spotted Boxfish needs a prettier, more exotic name, to reflect it's dramatic coloration.  More common than Whitley's but still need a more exotic name.

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