Saturday, November 11, 2017

Golden Arches and Eel Cove 11/11/17

Should have been more concerned when my strobes didn't fire on this Dragon Wrasse shot at the start of the day at Golden Arches.
Hmm, then next shot they worked, and so for the rest of the dive, no problem.  I found this Crown of Thorms Star with the middle eaten out.  Will it grow back? damfino.
 Lots of very healthy antler coral at Golden Arches these days, and that's a home for Dascyllus like this one, and  a lot of other fish.

Lei Trigger
 I really like coral.  And Lobe Coral is near the top of my list of favs.  Here is a cascade of it at Golden Arches.
 This is the business end of a Ringtail Wrasse.
 Lots of these Shortnose Wrasses at Golden Arches today.

Teardrop Butterfly

Tiger Cowry

 Near the end of our dive ( went off with Stacey Herman who was also taking pics) we found an area with lots of sub-adult wrasses.  Here are two of them, Yellowtail Corises.  Butt here were Shortnose Wrasses, and I think I saw a few Chevron Tangs.
Here's Stacey about the time we found the Yellowtails.  I'm shooting with the 105mm so had to get so far away my strobes hardly reached.
Then on to eel Cove, where two days ago I found the giant Viper in the previous post.   Found his coralhead but he was not there.  However right next door was this young Undulated.

By this time my strobes had gone dark again, actually for the whole d2nd dive, but with the 105 Ifigured I'd just use my torch and th hell with worrying about white balance.  At least I'd get something.  And so I did.
I have a hard time resisting the Ornate Butterflies and Wrasses; they're just so interesting.
Ornate Butterfly

Ornate Wrasse

Meanwhile, back home the strobes worked again.  GF. Telling myself I may have brushed the hotshoe contacts with some o-ring grease when I lubed the rig last night.  That's my story for now anyway.

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